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Armed Forces Chases TV3 For Apology Over Intimidation Video

The Ghana Armed Force is demanding an apology and retraction from tv3 over what they described as false reportage during the 10pm news coverage on Saturday, March 30.

In a press statement, the Public Relations Directorate stated that the news item which purportedly showed troops from Burma Camp threatening residents of Kumasi during the impending partial lockdown exercise to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is totally untrue and deliberately staged with obvious malice intent.

The statement indicated that the news item is false with no foundation because the imputed statement is found to have been deliberately doctored.

They mentioned that the false reportage has created fear and anxiety among the general populace and the good people of Kumasi and its environs.

The Ghana Armed Forces (GFA) assured the general public that they will continue to live to the task of providing security for the citizenry and not to intimidate anyone.