District Public Health Education Committee Visit Health Centers To Ascertain Preparedness Against Coronavirus

On Monday, April 6, 2020, the District Public Health Emergency Committee (PHEC) visited all the health centers in all the major towns of the district to monitor and assess their preparedness and measures put down to fight coronavirus and if possible consider their challenges.

Visited centers included the Wamfie District Hospital, Wamanafo Health Center, Kyeremasu Presby Health Center, Akontanim Health Center, Dormaa Akwamu and Asuotiano Heath Centers with focal attention on their pre triage process, triage, holding rooms and locally proceedings and measures to protect health workers as well as persons accessing the facility’s service. Almost all the centers had one thing or the other in place in preparedness against the disease.

Those in charge of all these health facilities thanked the district committee in charge of the control of the disease for the provision of veronica buckets, and other protective items and sanitizers but they complained they were not enough. The major complaint was a lack of infrared thermometers.

The chairman, the DCE, on behalf of the committee members expressed satisfaction for their preparedness so far. He thanked the health workers for their services to the district especially in this challenging moments of the country. He emphasized on government’s plans to ease their stress through an insurance package, tax wave and some additional allowances.

He added the committee is doing its best to get them all that would be needed to make work easier. The committee according to the DCE has made a nose mask that can be sanitized and reused to be distributed to them and in no time the infrared thermometers would also get to them.

The District Health Director, Mr. Jacob Kojo Aleeba seized the opportunity to correct anything that was not being handled right in the fight against the disease.

The next monitoring visit which would target the rural health centers (CHPS) would be on Wednesday.