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Meet The Little Boy Who Became Father At The Age Of 13

This could be the shocking news for anyone but yes this is real, a boy has become the dad of a kid at the age of 13.

This is the age when most of the kids master their favorite heroes on the video games & some of them wanting to have the bicycles.

But this boy named Alfe was different from other normal teenage boys. At his young age of thirteen would you believe that he is now father of a kid? Yes you read it right.

This young boy named Alfe Patten, 13 years old is the father of the baby on the picture.The mother of the newly born baby is still at the age of 15.

Chantelle Steadman was the name of the girl who gave birth to the baby.

A lot of people were shocked by this incident because of the fact that kids are getting much involved to premarital love making.

Well, let’s give him good luck, what else to do now, because he is already a father now.