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VIDEO: ‘Death, take those wasting water’ – Lutterodt lays curses over Akufo-Addo’s reliefs

Rev. Cyril George Carstensen Lutterodt praying at the Osu Cemetery

The moment President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo announced his government will absorb water bills for every Ghanaian for the next three months in order to bring some relief to the citizenry, some personalities filmed themselves wasting water – a behavior Rev. Cyril George Carstensen Lutterodt has vehemently criticized.

His criticism, however, was accompanied with curses as he invoked the spirit of death to pluck such persons into the grave if they continue to display such level of “imbecility”.

“Whoever has done this before this prayer, you’re forgiven. After this video, I open the grave yard for those who are playing nonsense in the country to come and enter,” he said. “I invite death to your doorstep. Anybody that will take advantage to misbehave in this difficult time, death, welcome them to this grave. We’ll give them private burial. I open tombs here. Death, take those who are misbehaving in our country.”

Counsellor Lutterodt, as he is widely known, made these comments after praying at the Osu Cemetery, Wednesday.

According to him, he stormed the cemetery to engage in a “spiritual battle with forces behind the spread of Coronavirus”.

Lutterodt claimed he received a direction from God to enter the cemetery at 12 noon and thwart the evil plans of the wicked lest the tragedy that has befallen Ghana and the world will surge. And as the effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much, he adhered to the instruction.
“God asked me to do it. At a point in time, I lost control of myself at the place,” he told GhanaWeb.

Asked when the pandemic will end after battling the forces for an hour, Lutterodt did not give a definite period but said: “Spiritually, it’s been blocked”.

In a video clip which captures his activities at the cemetery, Lutterodt, in a smock, is heard speaking in tongues with a bottle of water, anointing oil and communion wine signifying life, anointing and the blood of Jesus respectively.

“I declare liberty, I declare freedom in the name of Jesus,” he said as he took off the smock. “I bring out my body unto You and declare that, Lord, none is buried. I activate and ask the souls of the dead people to arise in this sun. That the arrow that flies by day, will not have any impact… Covid-19, it’s your end…”

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Confirmed coronavirus cases around the world near 1.5 million while almost 90,000 people have died from the virus.

In Ghana, 6 people have died as the national case tally stands at 313. A total of 161 cases were reported from the routine surveillance, 37 from enhanced surveillance activities and those from travellers under mandatory quarantine in both Accra and Tamale are 115.

In his 5th televised address, President Akufo-Addo said while there are restrictions on movement in some parts of the country as part of efforts to limit and stop the importation of the virus; contain its spread; provide adequate care for the sick; limit the impact of the virus on social and economic life; and inspire the expansion of our domestic capability and deepen our self-reliance, his government, among others will absorb water bills for April, May and June.

Source: ghanaweb.com