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“I Have Been Sleeping With My Sister’s Husband For The Past 13 Years”-Nigerian Lady Confesses

“I Have Been Sleeping With My Sister’s Husband For The Past 13 Years”-Nigerian Lady Confesses

Communication has been made easier with the help of social media. People can now share all their dirty secrets and also seek advice from experts in order to straighten their paths.

A Nigerian lady has confessed to relationship expert Cynthia Valerian Raphaels on how she has been sleeping with her own sister’s husband for the past thirteen(13) years.

She confessed after realizing that the act is immoral and traditionally wrong for her to be sleeping with the same man as her sister.

She wrote:

“Good afternoon ma. I had to send this message to your email because my conscience has dealt with me a lot. Please I came for advice, I don’t know who else I can tell my story, please. I will take all the insults and condemnation from your friends but I need to advise helping me grow out of this situation.”

“I have lived with my sister and her husband for 16 years. I started living with her when I turned 15years after our parents passed on in an accident. I and her husband have been sleeping with each other for the past 13 years. I don’t know how to tell her that I have done her a lot of wrongs.”

“I turned 31years this April and I want to stop but I don’t see myself stopping this? He didn’t rape me at all, he showed me he cared for me and he was the one who trained me in school and he was coming to visit me constantly at the university and he was also my first man. My sister works in a bank and I work in a lab now.”

“I am the one taking care of my sister’s children and my sister doesn’t even want to hear that I want to get a house of my own. She said I will leave her house only when I get married.P lease madam Cynthia I don’t want to live this life anymore but I don’t know where to start to make amends and start living better.”

“I have not been with any other man in my life except for my sister’s husband. Please I need advice ma.”