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Why can’t selfish NPP govt use Mahama’s abandoned projects as isolation centres? – A Plus

A Plus
A Plus

Controversial leader of The Peoples Project, TPP, Kwame A plus, is demanding answers from the government as to why they cannot use some of Mahama’s abandoned projects as isolation centers or even house homeless people who have no place to stay during this lockdown.

Describing the situation as unfortunate, A Plus says the government should find a way to complete these projects, especially at this time where some Ghanaians are struggling to find a place to stay.

“These were built under Former president Mahama. This project is just about 10 minutes drive or less from Central University. Can someone kindly tell me why it can’t be used as an isolation center for COVID-19 patients or used as temporal accommodation for homeless people during the lockdown? Their answer will be very simple. It is uncompleted,” he stated

According to him, unfinished infrastructural projects by successive governments have become a common sight because the country’s leaders are without a plan.

“Why does Ghana have so many uncompleted projects? Why is it that some projects which were being undertaken 40 years ago under president Acheampong are still uncompleted? Why is it that the affordable housing project which was being undertaken at Borteman by president Kuffour is still uncompleted? Why that is about 300 factories intended for the production of a wide variety of products by Nkrumah were abandoned and left to rot? Why is it that the Accra-Kumasi road which was begun by president Kuffour is still uncompleted after he left power 11 years ago? The answer is very simple. Ghana does not have a plan!! Governments and government officials run the country with their personal interests, party manifestos, and childhood ambitions,” he added.

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Source: ghanaweb.com