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COVID19: “If you’re a man, say you’re Italian boga” – Opambour jabs ‘bogas’

COVID19: “If you’re a man, say you’re Italian boga” – Opambour jabs ‘bogas’

Head Pastor of the Ebenezer Miracle and Worship Center, Reverend Opambour, has taken a swipe at Ghanaians who used to take delight in bragging about their travel expeditions.

The outbreak of the coronavirus has led the country to impose travel restrictions on the country’s borders with passengers from flights that arrived in the country from March 21, all facing mandatory quarantine and testing for covid 19.

More than 79% of Ghana’s coronavirus cases have been imported, leading to a stigma against many returning travelers who are believed to be high risk contacts.

Consequently, the prestige that usually accompanied people who lived abroad has taken a hit and Opambour has capitalized on it to mock the “bogas”.

During a broadcast on Prophet 1 TV, Opambour, sang a song where the lyrics poked fun at those who used to brag about living abroad.

“If you’re a man or woman listening to me now, you open your mouth and say you just came from abroad and you’ll see something,” he said.

“There are some pastors who used to speak English and say they have opened church in Germany or Italy or America. And they will say ‘I have just arrived from London’.

“If you’re a man, open your mouth and say that nonsense talk again and see if you’re not quarantined,” Opambour quipped while laughing.

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Source: MyNewsGH.com