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Lockdown has exposed NPP’s weak economic policies – Rashid Pelpuo

Member of Parliament(MP) for Wa Central Constituency, Dr Rashid Pelpuo says the suffering of the masses during the partial lockdown in parts of the country is an exposure of New Patriotic Party’s (NPP’s) government’s weak economic policies over the years.

Parts of Ghana precisely, Greater Accra, Tema and Greater Kumasi have been on partial lockdown for three weeks over the deadly coronavirus pandemic

This is in line with government’s measures to ensure that the virus is contained to avoid its spread across the country.

Government during this period has introduced several interventions to ensure that the poorest of poor is served right and not feel the brunt of the hardship the partial lockdown has brought.

However, several videos have emanated on social media with people complaining about hardships and have said they will rather government make them go out to get money to fend for themselves.


But reacting to the hardships people are currently going through, Rashid Pelpuo who has been a Member of Parliament for several years and has occupied several positions of influence said “The misery and pain people suffer in this lock down is not created by the lockdown.”

He added further that “What the lockdown has done is to expose our weaknesses It has exposed our weak economic policies and the deep seated inequality in society”.

Government is expected to address the country today on the various measures it has taken as the first three weeks of partial lockdown has ended.