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Eddie Khae Descends On Kuami Eugene After He Blasted Ghanaian Musicians For Not Supporting Each Other (Video)

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In a Facebook Live video, Kuami Eugene registered his grievances by saying that most musicians in Ghana don’t support their fellow musicians when they are working on a project. He said that musicians don’t even post their fellow musicians’ projects.

In reaction to that, the “Do The Dance” hitmaker, Eddie Khae agreed to what Kuami Eugene was saying that it will be nice if Ghanaian musicians support each other but however, descended on Kuami Eugene by saying that he preaches what he is not practicing.

He recalled that when he recorded his “Do The Dance” remix with Kuami Eugene, he never shared it on any of his social media platforms.

He went on to say that Kuami gets featured on songs and albums, but he won’t share them to create awareness for his followers. So it’s hypocritical of him to be preaching a message he doesn’t practice himself.

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Eddi Khae said Kuami Eugene is trying to be a very big hypocrite by attacking musicians to do what he himself is not doing.

“Practice what you preach my Gee! Some one should tell him that Our new song is out , he should come and post and let’s clap for him! HYPOCRITE! Enobi Everything Man Dey wan talk!“, Eddie Khae’s caption read.

Well, Eddie Khae also has a point by also attacking Kuami Eugene for not doing what he is not doing. Kuami Eugene has no case if indeed he is not doing what he is attacking other people for.

Watch the video below:

Source: ghgossip.com