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VIDEO: Pastor bonks and impregnates church member, forces her to commit 3 abortions

VIDEO: Pastor bonks and impregnates church member, forces her to commit 3 abortions

At a time when “Men of God” are being exposed by New Patriotic Party(NPP) firebrand Kennedy Agyapong, a lady has shared a chilling story that will make you decide whether to hold on to your faith in these so-called pastors or you will believe in just God and be steadfast in him.

The lady by name Abigail Asare has detailed her ordeal at the hands of the founder of Blessing Gate World Wide Ministry in the Ashanti Region, Apostle Dr. Rockson Agyenim Boateng who got her pregnant in three instances

The lady made this confession on Kumasi-based Oyerepa FM amidst emotions monitored by MyNewsGh.com shockingly revealed that she has so far committed three abortions for the pastor in question who wanted their amorous sexual relationship hidden from the church and wife of the randy pastor.

As a young lady who had completed Senior High School, Abigail set out to fend for herself as she was awaiting to be enrolled for further studies. Abigail with her academic prowess secured a teaching job and through this she met with Pastor Agyenim.

The Man of God through his Evangelism lured Abigail, a then Adventist to his Church, Blessing Gate World Wide Ministry. While joining his congregants for services, Rev. Agyenim proposed love to Abigail and promised to marry her because he was about divorcing his wife.

Abigail who was not interested said she did not now how she got into a relationship with the Pastor and they started a sexual relationship. From hotels, football fields, uncompleted buildings, his car the Pastor slept with her severally and on different occasions.

One that seem to be odd was the one time they went for a convention. According to Abigail, they had a fight before they left for the convention so after an evening service, Pastor Rockson asked her to tell a lie to the lady she lodged with so they met at an uncompleted building where they had makeup sex. Abigail mentioned that she was menstruating by then but Pastor Rockson cleared the book and had her sit on it.

However, the sex was short because a passerby almost caught them. Abigail said she had to run off naked while Pastor Rockson also runoff with his boxer shorts on leaving behind his phone and that of hers.

Abigail learnt a lesson from this but could not end her relationship with Pastor Rockson because she had told her if she did, she will die. Abigail said when they came back from the convention rumours were rife that she is sleeping with the Pastor so she was confronted by the wife of the Pastor but she denied vehemently.

For the love for the Pastor, the disclosed that she gave monies meant to cater for her education and providing for her basic needs to him but nothing became of those monies and anytime she decides that she has broken up with him, she fell very sick.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was after she had a third abortion for the Pastor. She thought through her life when she was told by Medical Doctors that her system has become weak and that could affect her potential of giving birth in the future.

Abigail decided she will tell an elder of the church about the issue so she could be set free. She did set herself free