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Revealed: “Former Vodafone Boss” in Coronavirus 5G conspiracy video is a UK pastor

Revealed: “Former Vodafone Boss” in Coronavirus 5G conspiracy video is a UK pastor

Coronavirus 5G conspiracy theorist who claimed to be a former Vodafone executive has been revealed to be a pastor from Luton in the UK.

The claims “former Vodafone executive,” Pastor Jonathon James in a widely circulated Coronavirus 5G conspiracy video can be heard saying he has insider knowledge on the link between 5G and coronavirus because he is a senior boss at the telecoms giant.

Even though a number of conspiracy theories have sprung up linking 5G to the coronavirus, it was widely debunked. Although, about 53 network towers across the UK were attacked, including one serving an NHS Nightingale hospital.

The identity of the speaker on the now-deleted 38-minute video titled “Former Vodafone Boss Blows Whistles On 5G – Coronavirus” was a mystery until an investigation revealed he is Pastor Jonathon James of The Light City Christian Ministries.

In the video, he claimed that the symptoms of coronavirus are the result of 5G radiation, and pandemics can be attributed to development in radio technology.
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However, Vodafone insiders said James had worked for the company in a sales position for less than a year 2014 at a time when 5G was not a priority for the company and was unlikely to be in his remit.

James told The Guardian he “was absolutely shocked that [a] somewhat private message to a dedicated small community went viral and [was] ubiquitously covered [on] various social media platforms”.