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Beautiful moment as Michy plays ‘ampe’ with son Majesty [Video]

michy and son majesty

Shatta Wale’s ex-fiancee, Michy, known in private life as Michelle Diamond Gbagbonah, has shared another lovely video with her son, Majesty, on social media.

The video has Michy, Majesty, and other children in their house spending some time together while playing.

In the video, Michy is seen playing ‘ampe’ with a girl while Majesty and the other children stood by.

Majesty who was interested in playing the girls’ game with his mother is seen mimicking her as he jumped and threw his legs.


At a point, Majesty was asked by his mother to go and ride a bike with the other children while she continued to play with the girls.

But, Majesty wouldn’t take the instructions as he tried to join in the ‘ampe’ fun again.

Apart from the quality time with her son, Michy’s video also gives a look inside her house which has a large neatly-tiled compound.

Parked on the compound are two cars, one of which is the Jeep Wrangler she recently acquired for herself.

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It will be recalled that Michy got the Jeep Wrangler as a pre-birthday gift.

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