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We Love NPP; We Will Work For Massive Victory On December 7th—Disqualified NPP Aspirants

New Patriotic Party (NPP) parliamentary aspirants who were disqualified during the parliamentary primaries, Coalition of Disqualified Patriots NPP 2020, have vowed to work hard to ensure massive victory for the party’s presidential candidate, Nana Akufo-Addo and parliamentary candidates in the December 7 elections.

According to the group, they intend to win back other disqualified aspirants who have also decided to contest as independent candidates.

Speaking on Atinka TV’s flagship morning show, Ghana Nie, hosted by Nana Owusu Nkrumah on Friday, Secretary of the Coalition of Disqualified Patriots NPP 2020, who was disqualified from contesting for the Weija-Gbawe slot, Mr Patrick Ampong Baidoo, called on all aspirants that were disqualified to come together and support the party for victory on December 7.

He was of the belief that their disqualification was for the good of the party as a whole and not individual interests, adding that some of those who qualified had served the party for more years and needed support to continue for at least a second term.

“We organized ourselves to go for the parliamentary primaries, but when we went, some issues came up and we were disqualified. Although it was painful, people should understand that if you are disqualified from being part of a contest, it does not mean that the person did something bad. If you listened to our General Secretary, John Boadu, he said they took certain decisions in the interest of the party,” he said.

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Schooling the public on the Coalition, Mr Baidoo said, “When we were disqualified, 65 of us created a platform which has medical doctors, engineers, lawyers, media practitioners and we encouraged ourselves to put whatever happened behind us and see the way forward.”

He noted that but for the intervention of the group and some elders of the party, most of those who were disqualified would have taken the party to court.

He noted that most of the disqualified aspirants also decided to contest as independent candidates but after speaking to them, they re-considered their decision.

“We are in talks with our colleagues who want to contest as independent candidates. We are telling them that even though they have filed, they can decide to rescind their decision, it is better late than never. We will also speak to their supporters who have decided to vote skirt and blouse against the NPP to also re-consider their plans because it is not necessary,” he said.

Mr Baidoo added that,” If you supported me and I was not allowed to go through, I will be allowed to go through another time and someone will also have to stay back so no one should go and vote skirt and blouse; let us rather support Nana Akufo-Addo and those that the party selected to win during the 2020 elections.”

He reiterated that already, some of the disqualified NPP aspirants are supporting those who qualified and won at the primaries on their campaign trips, adding that,“ Let us leave whatever has happened behind, let us fight forward in unity for the NPP to win.”

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He said the group will also target all independent candidates and their supporters to bring them back to the party.

For his part, Organiser of the Coalition of Disqualified Patriots NPP 2020, Mr Kafui Amaga said for the love of the party, the group has to do all it can to bring its people together to work towards the victory of the party at the general elections.

He said already, the coalition has succeeded in deterring some of those who were disqualified and decided to go as independent candidates from doing so.

By doing the above, he noted that the “skirt and blouse” plan of their members which the opposition became happy about has been defused.

Mr Amaga again said that from now to the end of November, the group will visit all constituencies in the country to speak with independent candidates to join the party irrespective of where they belong .

“We are on the road visiting constituencies that have independent candidates to speak to them and by the end of November, we will revert to our various constituencies to support those who qualified for the victory of the party. No one is sponsoring us, we are contributing our own money to fund the tour and also campaign for the party,” he said.

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He added that,“For the pain of not being qualified, the monies we lost, we have left it behind and put the party forward because we want the good of the party. We have spoken to the National Campaign Chairman and he has given us his blessings and we are moving according to the party’s structures.”

The convener, Dr Samuel Owusu Akyem, said when the disqualification came it was painful but after some time, they had to let go the pain and move forward.

“We noticed that every party has structures and so we had to respect that and move on. Our objective is to help the party win at the general election. As a psychiatrist, I had to help stabilize the minds of some people because they were bitter,” he said.

Dr Akyem added that,”If about 50 of those that were disqualified decided to go as independent candidates, the consequences would have been greater and so we spoke to them behind closed doors and 90 percent of them have decided to leave everything behind,” he said.

He added that, “We want maximum votes, so we will continue to talk to our supporters everywhere to vote for the NPP and the parliamentary candidates who were qualified. If it was 50 percent we were getting, we want at least 70 percent so that the party wins massively .”