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Nana Addo’s 88 hospitals promise is a prank – NDC’s Musah Ibn Wahid

President Akufo-Addo
President Akufo-Addo
Mr. Musah Ibn Wahid, a member of the Communication Team for the opposition party National Democratic Congress in the Kpandai Constituency has hit hard at President Akufo Addo, taking into account the fact that the President promised to build 88 hospitals across the districts and regions of the Country.
According to the vociferous member of the party, he unequivocally said the president’s aim to build the aforesaid hospitals as said in his 8th address to the nation is nothing other than a prank.
Below is the full statement copied to BROADCASTGHANA.COM.
My critical observations conclude to me that our president, Nana Addo is intentionally trying to use the brains of Ghanaians as a playground.
I tried several times to reason in line with the president, all attempts failed but this time I just became perplexed as to what our president takes us for.
I see our president trying to prank Ghanaians base on his 88 hospitals’ promise at this injury time of his government.
Ghana is seriously battling and having the hope of defeating COVID 19 because of the few hospitals we have that was built by some of our ex-presidents (visionary leaders).
If I may beg to ask, was Nana Addo waiting for a pandemic before he knows the importance of building hospitals?
If my memory may serve me right, bullet g of page 33 in the 2016 manifesto of the NPP, they promised to complete the uncompleted District hospitals and also build new ones at the Districts the have none. Nana Addo was sworn in as the president of this nation for the past three years but this particular promise became a dead promise until this injury time.
Are we still not having abandoned hospitals?
I can state emphatically state that 88 hospitals in a year is just a prank and is not possible.
Is the president not trying to gain political points out of this silly promise?
The only wise saying I have for the NPP government is that Ghanaians carried water as well as wine and knows the differences.
Written by: Musah Ibn Wahid//NDC Communication Member-Kpandai Constituency