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Education Minister Speaks On when schools will be reopening

Education Minister

The Minister of Education, Mathew Opoku Prempeh says schools will reopen only when it is safe.

According to him, the government cannot give timelines now on when school is reopening because there is the need for government and all stakeholders to plan and see how best the students will be safe before schools are reopened.

“I can’t come and sit here and tell you what government hasn’t decided on. All I can say is schools will only reopen when it is safe for schools to reopen.”

He noted that schools are places where infections are high and therefore since the war has not been won in the country, there will be a challenge reopening schools because if a school records a case, there will be panic withdrawals of students by parents.

He noted that pupils could also be infected and transmit it to their grandparents who are taking care of them and this will rather increase the number of cases and deaths in the country considering the fact that the death cases recorded have been older people.

The Minister who is known popularly NAPO said there is the need for government to look at providing veronica buckets and face masks for all students if school reopens and government has not yet considered that so there’s no way government can open schools.

On what government is doing to ensure that final year students bother Senior High Schools and Junior High Schools write their exams, the Minister mentioned that government is still in consultation with the various Vice Chancellors and Teacher bodies to fashion out a better way of to graduate students to the next level of their education if they are unable to write exams.

Source: MyNewsGh.com