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On paper, a Biden win could be better for Africa

Johannesburg – The United States presidential election is upon us and Africans, like the rest of the world, have been a captive audience as incumbent Donald Trump and his challenger Joe Biden wooed voters for a four-year mandate as leader of the free world.

It’s fairly safe to assume the majority of Africans are probably Team Biden: after all, for eight years he was the right hand man of Barack Obama, whose father was Kenyan and whose election in 2008 as America’s first black president was cheered throughout the continent.

Although Africa might not have benefited as much, economically, as many had rather unrealistically expected from Obama’s presidency, he remains widely very popular, and his endorsement of Biden carries significant weight.

On his part, Trump has in his first four year term signalled, at best, a distinct lack of interest in Africa, and at worst a contempt for it.

Even before he became president, Trump alienated many Africans through his relentless attacks on Obama, including an unfounded suggestion that he was born in Kenya rather than the US and was therefore an illegitimate president.

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