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Tell Your People to stop Armed Robbery – Konkomba Community to Fulanis Welfare Group Leader Ahmed Barry

Tell Your People to stop Armed Robbery - Konkomba Community to Fulanis Welfare Group Leader Ahmed Barry
The People of Sabonjida in the Nanumba North District of the Northern region through a press release called on the group known as the “Fulani Welfare group ” to call Fulani herdsmen in the area to stop the armed robbery activity they engage on daily basis.
In the press release sighted by BROADCASTGHANA.COM cited reasons and instances which led to the clarion call on the leader of the Fulanis group. Below is the full statement.
Our attention has been drawn to false, malicious, and mischievous claims purported to have emanated from the Fulani Welfare Group in Ghana led by Ahmed Barry the Organizer. The said article is only not false but a calculated and well-orchestrated attempt to smear the good name of Hon. Member of Parliament(MP) for Bimbilla with impunity. We urge all well-meaning Ghanaians to ignore the article and treat it with all the contempt it deserves. It is politically motivated, it has no basis, no merit, and cannot be verified. Below are the falsified claims and our rebuttal by setting the records straight.
1. Killing of cattle at Sabonjida: this is a false claim. The incident did not occur at
Sabonjida, it happened around Lompe (Nanumba North), Kalande (East Gonja) and
Kabache (East Gonja). The crime scene is over 35kms away from Sabonjida. How could that have happened at Sabonjida?
2. 20 cattle were killed and meat is taken away by Konkombas: Facts on the ground verifiable by the combined opinion leaders indicate that three cattle were killed. The criminals flee the scene and the dead animals were protected by the team who were not only Konkombas. The Lompe team was Chokosies and that of Binjai was Gonjas.
How could good people who came to protect the Fulanis be termed, criminals?
3. The killing of 60 cattle: this is yet another falsehood of the century without any iota of truth.
The Herdsmen were attacked by communities around the area for the crimes they have been committing. The area used to be a very peaceful one. There has never been an attack on the Salaga-Bimbilla road until the advent of the herdsmen. If there was the killing
of cattle, then it was definitely not people of Sabonjida.
4. Claims that MCE said the people are hardened criminals: This is an indication that the article was cooked in the bedroom of Ahmed Barry. The MCE has lived with the people for long and knows how peaceful and law-abiding they are. Such an offensive word would
not come from our Hon MCE.
5. We would offer free consultancy and advice to Ahmed and his people to channel the wasted energy and time in producing this malicious article to educating his people to stop the crimes. Is it only in Sabonjida that Fulanis are in loggerheads with natives?
Were the Sabonjida people that cause the ugly Agogo incident where your people were killing innocent farmers? What about Afram Plains, Kintampo, Abrumasi (Febraury, 2020), and many other areas? Why was the herdsman running with an animal that does not belong to him if indeed he was not a thief?
6. Mr. Ahmed should stay away from the use of the word Konkombas. The Fulanis who
go about committing crimes indiscriminately were attacked by communities around the
area and not Konkombas.
7. He and his malicious cohorts should leave MP out of this issue and rather advise his people to conduct themselves well in the midst of other people. Justice can only be
served when your people are clean and stay out of crimes.
8. We the Youth of Sabonjida do not attribute the encounter with the police to the attack on herdsmen. Because there was no prior notice to the Assemblymember nor any opinion member. The police are the only people who can give an account of what they came to do on 24th April 2020. Mr. Ahmed Barry who is the Organizer to Fulanis
Welfare Group in Ghana has not told Ghanaians the atrocities his people are committing along Salaga-Bimbilla road. 5 separate robbery through roadblocks by his people has been recorded in the area just 5kms from Sabonjida. We want Ahmed to come out and tell the whole country and the world at large why his people are blocking roads? Even yesterday (28th April 2020) two innocent Fishers from Sabonjida were attacked and shot at. Why would you be acquiring weapons for your people to be attacking indigenes?
9. The incident has nothing to do with MP. Our MP is a peace-loving person and will not do anything to disturb the relative peace in Ghana. He is using his time and efforts to
fight the COVID-19 pandemic.
The  Incident
A native of Sabonjida named Binkpini Philip bought a cow from a nomadic Fulani herdsman who was a temporary resident in Sabonjida since February 2020. The animal was left with the herdsman because he wanted to use it for a funeral at a later date. He and other herdsmen lived
in harmony with the indigenes of the community who are heterogeneous in ethnic composition.
On the 8th of March at around 8 am the Herdsman was in Sabonjida in a panting and lamentation mood in the company of another man believed to be a Fulani. Mr. Philip who was at a distance rushed thinking the two herdsmen had a quarrel. He approached them to find out what the
matter was.
The herdsman then told him that he and the animals were attacked between Lompe(Nanumba
North), Kalande(East Gonja), and Kabache(East Gonja) a distance of over 35kms from Sabonjida by unknown people. He questioned the man what he was doing there. The herdsman then told him he was relocating to Binjai (East Gonja). He asked him why he should take such a decision without giving him his cow. The herdsman could not provide an answer to this. He then
advised the Fulani man to report the incident to Opinion Leaders in Sabonjida. Mr. Philip
accompanied the herdsman to report the matter to the Konkomba Chief and Unit Committee
Member because the Assembly Member resides outside the community.
A team (a chief of the Konkomba Chief palace, a Unit Committee Member) was dispatched from the community to go and assess the situation. Mr. Philip and his brother (who was picked on a motorbike by the herdsman) also accompanied them to claim his animal. On arrival at the
scene the herdsman and Mr. Philip’s brother saw one of the attackers armed with a gun and a
masked faced. They both had to run for their lives. Shortly the other team members together
with some residents from Lompe and Assembly Member of Binjai arrived forcing the attackers
to flee the scene.
At the crime scene, three cattle were found dead, both the residents of Sabonjida and others present spent the whole day at the bush searching for the stray animals. Two cattle were found one with gun wounds but they could not find the one he sold to the Sabonjida resident. Mr.
Philip requested to take one of the two since he could not find the one he bought. The herdsman promised to deliver to him the animal he bought. One (small) among the killed animals was willingly given to the Lompe and Sabonjida team by the herdsman and the remaining two were conveyed to Binjai by the herdsman and the Binjai team. They all deserted the crime scene while the incident was seen as a criminal one by all the parties.
On 24th April, 2020 a team of Police Officers came to Sabonjida in the company of the
Assembly Member. With the company of the Assemblymember, the community was expecting that they were coming to give talks on COVID-19. To the utter dismay and surprise of the people, a chief in the Konkomba Chief palace was handcuffed. The community requested to know why a chief was treated like a common criminal. The police started firing gunshots and a young man was shot in the chest. Several others were brutalized by the police. Police heat a
woman with a gun wounding her in the process. The military that accompanied the police, however,
did not. The innocent victims of such brutality are in the Salaga Government Hospital fighting for life. The Police upon realizing that one of the community members was shot they left the scene. The youth and people of Sabonjida sent the people who were mentioned in the police visit to Bimbilla. Their caution statements have since been taken at the police station. They have been reporting at the police station as instructed. If they such hardened criminals, why should the police allow a hardened and wanted criminals to leave their presence? If our people were acting in that manner because of the Hon Minister no one would have gone to the police.