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Know what your birth month Reveals about you

Know what your birth month Reveals about you

Using the birth month of a person to determine his or her personality is an ancient method.

It can tell you about yourself.

Your birth month can also affect your career, attitude, etc.

Below are the twelve birth months and what they say about your personality:


People born in January are ambitious and powerful.

They are born leaders.

They stand out in crowd and love to dress well.


People born in February are witty and intelligent.

They are sensitive, smart, attractive and peace lover.

They are ambitious and creative.


People born in March are exuberant.

They love to seek attention and are cheerful.

They are good at keeping secrets and are trustworthy.


People in this category loves to enjoy life.

They are adventurous, active and restless.

They are always ready to help others.

Although they tend to be brainy, clever and make hasty decisions.


People born in May are good looking, intelligent and logical.

They may be very stubborn at times and get angry easily.

Although they are quick to return favours.


They have good sense of humour and are quite talkative. They are visionary thinkers, kind and generous.

They love the finer things of life.


They are quiet and restrained. They are good thinkers and forgive easily.

They are sometimes unpredictable and spiritual.


People born in August are very ambitious, brave and very sensitive. They get jealous and angry easily.

They love to seek attention and are born to be successful.


These set of people are wise and confident. They are knowledgeable beyond their years.

They are industrious and cool in difficult situations.


People born in this month are dedicated and hardworking.

They love nature.

Although, they are more emotional than practical and are rebellious at times.


November born are wise and witty. They are patient and tolerant. They are inquisitive and intuitive.

Although they tend to be hopelessly romantic.


People born in December are cheerful and vibrant. They are attractive and good dressers.

They are fun to be with and possessed a great sense of humour.

Although they are short-tempered and impatient.