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Prophetic Clash; Prophet Obidiaba Exposes Prophet Igwe, Says He Went To Benin For Juju

Prophet Obidiaba

Prophet Obidiaba has fired his colleague friend and Prophet, Igwe, revealing the secret juju missions he has undertaken to deceive his congregation.

The intense pressure of Honourable Kennedy Agyapong and his exposé on fake pastors and prophets in Ghana has led to the self-acclaimed men of God, turning on each other, revealing dark secrets missions.

The latest is Prophet Obidiaba, who in a video, blatantly told of Prophet Igwe’s hate for Rev. Obofour and his secret juju mission in Benin which nearly took the life of two of his own people.

According to Prophet Obidiaba, Igwe phoned him to discuss the aftermath of his juju mission in Benin. He said that after he had gone through the process, two people ought to be sacrificed for his power to be activated.

The faces of the people who appeared to be sacrificed shook him to the bone because they were family. He said that Prophet Igwe refused to continue the juju process and was made to appease the gods with a black cow and millions of cedis.

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