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COVID-19: How prostitutes are helping in contact tracing

COVID-19: How prostitutes are helping in contact tracing

It has come to light that prostitutes or commercial sex workers, known in Ghanaian local parlance as ‘ashawos’ are key in helping find persons that have been possibly infected with the novel coronavirus.

When there is a confirmed case of the virus, health workers try to trace persons who have come into contact with the infected person. This is termed as contract tracing. And some prostitutes of Zambia, who have been infected by the virus have been instrumental in helping health workers in that country find the persons they have come into contact with.

The Health Minister of Zambia, Chitalu Chilufya, disclosed this when asked about the role of the infected prostitutes in fighting the infection in Zambia.

Prostitution is illegal but widespread, especially in the city of Lusuka.

Zambia’s coronavirus case count currently stands at 267 with 7 deaths. 117 have recovered and 143 active while only one person is in a critical condition.