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Are you this desperate? – Social media users roast Mahama over “gov’t is failing in COVID-19 fight” tweet

John Dramani Mahama
Dr. John Dramani Mahama

Former President John Mahama’s assertion that the government is failing in its bid to contain the novel coronavirus pandemic in the country due to the rising number of infections has been met with much criticism from a section of Ghanaian social media users. 

The former President had tweeted that the escalation in the number of infected persons signifies that the government does not have a firm grip on the COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

“From 3,091 to 4,012 #COVID19 cases within 24 hours; Government is certainly failing the people of Ghana. Fear gripped many homes last night when the latest confirmed cases were released. And that is understandable. #COVID19 is real, my brothers and sisters.”

“I want to encourage you to protect yourself. Regular handwashing with soap and under running water is a must. Stay home but if you have to go out for any reason including work, wear your mask, take along a hand sanitizer, and always disinfect commonly used and touched surfaces,” the tweeted yesterday.

But many on social media did not take kindly to his claim, castigating him for his views

” Your desperation[ to become President again ] is beyond boundary… ” one user lashed out.

Read some of the comments below;