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Big Snake Invades Pentecost COVID-19 Isolation Centre At Gomoa Fetteh -[PHOTO]

Snake Invades Pentecost COVID-19 Isolation Centre At Gomoa Fetteh -[PHOTO]
The Pentecost Convention Centre

Coronavirus patients receiving treatment at the Pentecost Isolation Center in Gomoa Fetteh near Kasoa in the Central Region were terrified as a snake was spotted at the center on Monday, 11 May 2020.

According to some of the patients, they were scared to the bone and did not want to come out of their wards because they had the notion that there may be more of the snakes around the area.

The patient narrated the ordeal that, some of the patients at Block C came out to take fresh air around 8:45 pm after they had their supper when one of them who is believed to be in his early 50’s who was sitting at the entrance of the block heard a sharp sound but he thought it was a key that had fallen so he ignored it.

The man said, “I saw an object crawling close to my leg and immediately raised an alarm, which attracted others who switched on their phone light and we managed to kill the snake.”

“At first, it nearly bit me on my left hand after the snake raised the head ready to strike me but by the Grace of God, it misses. This has come to add to my pain and fear because as we are here, we don’t even know when we are going home.”

Due to this, most of the patients fear coming out to eat and some of them who have spent between three to four weeks at the center are waiting for their fate while others are waiting for their third results.

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