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‘I’m not the biological father of 2 of my 3 children,’ cries city man

‘I’m not the biological father of 2 of my 3 children,’ cries city man

A man has left many sympathizing with him after he revealed that he is not the biological father of two of his three children.

He did a DNA test and found out that two of his are not his children.

“We have three children. I can’t live with these children anymore. My wife has to take them to their biological father,” he wrote.

Social media users reacted to the post above and reactions include;

shadesofjojo Women you can do anything to a man, but not this, this is too much, stop putting someone’s child on a man, that pain after finding out is unexplainable, we should learn to do better !!

zubby_official19 Women can hide things shaa.. lord have mercy

sochi__miracle Wawu! This is very bad..Please y’all should take this DNA thing very seriously.

joyce_ceeja What goes around comes around.. LAW OF KARMA

omondijarvis .this must be really heartbreaking for the man

amberlings Sorry about that, they aren’t your children by blood, but they are your children.

vanhayor DNA is a must!!!!. Don’t sleep on it

annetwanjiru Dear married men, always conduct DNA on your kids

duma.vina Poor children are being dragged out of the only home they’ve known because of their mother’s infidelity 😢

pretty_oluwabukolamie The lord is ur strength 🙏🙏🙏

anambra_chik What’s really happening with married women these days?

zeeneemah What’s really happening to the women of this generation.if you not happy with the man you want to marry don’t marry,if you are not ready to put in your all don’t marry till your mind is made up. If you are married don’t have the idea in your head that you want to revenge on your husband to cheat also because nemesis would catch up with you 😔😔😔if you can tolerate your ma anymore file for a divorce period😢😢😢 if it was your brother’s wife that does this thing you’ll want to take it out on her. Do what you want others to do unto you

_cassie.o How do you bring another man’s child into your matrimonial home and look into your husband’s eyes every day. How do you people sleep at night

freshtonia So sad 😢..but is not the children’s fault that you are not their father?please don’t hate them.💔💔

gerrardariel If you bear a child with your wife and you ignore a DNA test, then you must be a mumu man!!! The world is not the same anymore please men should open their eyes.

chym__amaka I think hospitals need to enforce DNA testing at the point of birth, these stories are really heartbreaking.