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Police officer beats barber to pulp for ‘wooing’ his daughter

A barber at Kasoa Walatu received the beatings of his life after he was sighted with a police officer’s daughter.

Denis Authur, 24, told Adom News he lent his MP3 player to the quartermaster of Kasoa District Police Command’s daughter.

Upon returning the item, he said the officer followed his daughter on suspicion that she is in an amorous relationship with him.

When the officer got there, he threatened the barber to end the relationship, which they said was non-existent.

At around 11:pm, the barber said the uniformed police officer returned, and without any provocation started attacking him.

Thereafter, he was transferred to the police station where he spent the night, coupled with more assaults.

The slaps and beatings have left him with a severe headache and a swollen left eye.

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