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You’ve Been fooled to Believe in Heaven and Tithe – Lucifer Claims

Cape Coast, 8th November 2020, African Traditional Spiritualist, Kwaku Peprah has stated that the theory of heaven and tithing is the biggest scam in religion. “You’ve been made to believe in heaven no one has been there before and also been made to believe that paying tithe is paying money to God”. “‘God’s’ don’t take money but take animal sacrifices such as goats, sheep, cattle etc for the work they do to help humanity”.

According to him, tithing and offering only enriches the pastors and few church leaders but not the entire congregation and is of no value.

“The concept of heaven is the main problem that is affecting a lot of people on earth” he added.

He was speaking to D.C. Kwame Kwakye on GBC Radio Central on the show “About Life” today Sunday 8th November 2020 on the topic “How Would We Have Benefitted from African Traditional Religion without Islam and Christianity”.

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He further explained that in our traditional religious practices, money plays a very minute part in our lives. “All that happens is that, if a spirit protects you throughout the year, the whole family must only offer a ram or fowl and some alcoholic drinks for libation and sacrifice” he stated. “You don’t pay monies to anyone” he added.

Lucifer averred that every religion came to meet our indigenous religion. “The Bible says we should test all spirits to ascertain which one is good”. “I’ve tasted Islam, Christianity, Judaism and the others and have come to the conclusion that the best religion for us is our African Traditional Religion” he postulated.

He further explained that all those who believe in the so-called heaven and hell should consult any good spiritualist for the person to invoke any of their ancestors. “When your ancestor appears, ask the ancestor whether they are suffering in hell or they are enjoying in heaven?” he quizzed.

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“Every person who dies belongs to the dead or ‘Asamandu’ and as such heaven as we been made to believe is a scam” he claimed.”

According to him, it would be very prudent on the part of our leaders to find out who the ‘God’ of Ghana is and “to be able to do what our ‘God’ wants in order for our ‘God’ to bless and direct us to succeed”. “We are suffering because we have neglected our own ‘God’s’ as country”.

He cautioned Africans to be very careful because the ‘God’ we have been made to believe cannot help us to invent anything. “Some spirits can protect you, but cannot give you money, same way others can help you do inventions, whiles others also give knowledge”. “We have not developed because of the kind of ‘God’ we’ve been made to believe and worship”.

He concluded by advising all persons especially Ghanaians to embrace our African Traditional Religion and that is the only way we can develop and improve our lot as a people.

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