Pay Attention To Water And Sanitation In Health Facilities To Curb COVID-19 Spread—CSOs Webinar

The Country Director of IRC, Mrs. Vida Duti has called on the government to critically look at the situation of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) in health facilities of the country.

This she said will help prevent the spread of infections. Mrs. Duti said this at the Government and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) dialogue on WASH and COVID-19.

The meeting was held online through a web session due to the coronavirus pandemic was on the theme, “Civil Society Organization Role and Response in Accra”.

The dialogue was to highlight the relevance of WASH in the fight against the COVID- 19 pandemic and the civil society response during this period.

The dialogue attracted stakeholders in the WASH sector to deliberate on the relevance of WASH in the fight against the COVID- 19 Pandemic which is ravaging the socio-economic life of countries globally including Ghana.

Mrs. Duti noted that the way people are handling veronica basket in this period is not the best.

She noted that only 42 percent of Ghanaian populations have access to water and handwashing facilities and 48 percent are without water. She also added that eight percent of our population uses unreliable water.

She called on CSOs to critically look at the complicities of the rural water sub- sector and use the lessons applications of the free water supply in informing reforms that can better streamline and ensure that the country has smooth processes.

The Chairman of Coalition of NGOs in Water and Sanitation, Martin Derry noted that the pandemic has highlighted weaknesses in CSO responsiveness, coordination, and integration systems.

He said the effects of covid19 are varied and sometimes extreme for our entire society and way of life.

“In focusing on inequalities and ensuring no one is left behind, CSOs have to identify the barriers to access, especially for women, children, PWDs, migrants: settler communities within Ghana”, he noted.

Mr. Sery said CSOs need to develop emergency response strategies.

A member of CONIWAS, Awudu Yakubu Omoro Modoc said it time for CSOs to identify their strength on what they can contribute to the existing measures in fighting the COVID-19.

He noted that the biggest challenge facing the fight of COVID-19 is people with disabilities are being left out during education.