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Akrobeto Reveals The Age He Stopped Bedwetting And It Will Shock You


Renowned Ghanaian comic actor Akwasi Boadi aka Akrobeto has revealed the age he stopped bedwetting on his Real News programme aired on UTV.

According to Akrobeto, he was a habitual bedwetter till he turned 18.

He made this revelation while discussing the news of the three-year-old son who was brutalized by his father with wire for bedwetting.

Akrobeto expressed his disappointment at the father who brutalized his three-year-old.

The comic could not fathom why a father would act so cruelly to his son just because he wet his bed.

Akrobeto whiles reacting to the news confessed that he even wet his bed at age 18 and that the father of the boy shouldn’t have acted inhumanely towards his son for just wetting his bed.

“As I am sitting here right now,I was almost 18-years-old when I stopped bed wetting and so when a child who is 3 years wets his bed,is there an issue in this that you beat him like that.You are not even jusst a citizen but a National Service Personnel so you’re well educated” Akrobeto said.

The host of the ‘Real News’ explained that it took the intervention of an apostle to cure him of the demoralizing condition which he found himself in.

“I was 18 years when Apostle Sarfo came for me at Ayiribi in Oppong Nkrumah’s constituency and brought me to Accra that is where I confessed to him that I was a bet wetter before he told me to forget about it and go to bed because it won’t happen again. He didn’t even pray for me, I just went to bed and that was it. So I remember vividly, I was 18-years-old before I stopped bedwetting. So I thanked Apostle Sarfo but for you to beat a three-year-old like this I won’t say anything because the police are dealing with it.” He added.