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Pastor praised for advising lady to divorce her abusive husband


A Pastor with the Fountain Gate Chapel International, Pastor Dr Michael Ayamga-Adongo has received widespread praise on social media for sanctioning the decision of an abused wife to leave her husband.

The Pastor revealed that he had known about the husband’s abusive nature and advised him against it on numerous occasions. All to no avail. He kept abusing his wife in every form and shape. Of course his counsel came with an intense  prayer for a turnaround. But the man won’t be persuaded.

So on the day the woman informed him that she had had enough and was leaving her husband, he swiftly endorsed the woman’s decision.

Pastor Dr Michael Ayamaga-Adongo, who is also a Development Economist and Senior Lecturer at the University for Development Studies(UDS), added that a day after the woman left her matrimonial home, her husband called him to ask whether he knew his wife had left  her matrimonial home.

Pastor Dr Ayamaga-Adongo disclosed that he answered that of course he knew. This infuriated the man who took the Pastor on for not convincing the lady to continue to stay in the abusive marriage.

Pastor Dr Ayamaga-Adongo said that he then gave the man a thorough dressing down, explaining why he had endorsed his wife leaving.

This singular action of his, which is not usually the practice – women are almost always advised by pastors to stay in abusive marriages and pray that their husbands change- has received much praise from social media users.

Post of Pastor Dr Ayamaga-Adongo here.

“A lady called to inform me she was leaving her matrimonial home. Knowing what she had been through my conscience will not allow me to tell her not to. A day later, the husband called to ask me if I knew his wife had left and I answered in the affirmative. Surprisingly, this guy turned his anger on me.

He started “as a pastor you should have stopped her, convince her to stay and pray with us…

When he finished ranting I called his name and he responded, expecting the usual God is in control kind of talk. Then I took my turn,

“when you were beating her I told you to stop, it didn’t work. When you were molesting her I prayed for you to stop and it didn’t work. I didn’t want to waste another prayer.” The guy was surprised.

Then I continued. This pastor is aware your wife used yellow while you bought a motorbike for a student in the University I teach.

This pastor is aware your tap is disconnected because refused to pay your water bills and your wife has been carrying yellow gallons up and down. When she asked you slapped her.

This pastor is aware you rented a self-contained apartment for the student while your wife lives with you in a chamber and hall in a compound house. When she asked you kicked her even though she is pregnant.

This pastor is aware she goes to the neighbors’ room to watch tv while you bought a flat-screen for the lady.

This pastor is aware when she asked for chop money you told her you didn’t have money but had enough to organize a birthday party for that lady and her friends.

This pastor is aware when she asked to know what she had done to you your reply was she brought you bad luck and your money has dried up.

This pastor is aware that when she asked you to take her back to her parents if you were no longer interested in her your reply was she had delayed kuraa!

The truth is I believe you. She delayed kuraa! This pastor doesn’t believe till death do us part is the same as till your husband kills you.

In case you don’t know, I gave her money for  fare and also added  the phone number of my lawyer friend.”


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