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7 Reasons Why People Who Sleep Without Clothes Are Happier & Healthier

7 Reasons Why People Who Sleep Without Clothes Are Happier & Healthier

Have you ever wondered why some people sleep without their clothes you may have at some point worst into a person sleeping bed buddy and probably wondered why they preferred it that way?

Did you know that sleeping without clothes can lead a happier and healthy relationship with your spouse and also help improve your physical and mental health?

There are many benefits that can be derived from sleeping without clothes as those who practice such can attest to it.

Below us of the reasons why you too should take off your clothes before you sleep:

1. Quality Sleep

You might be accustomed to sleeping under warm cozy blankets, but lots of research suggests that a cooler environment leads to a more enjoyable night’s sleep! So away with the pyjamas.

According to researchers at the University of Amsterdam, lowering temperature of the skin improves the depth of one’s sleep and also reduces the number of times one wakes up during the night.

2. Bright Glowing Skin and Silky Hair

Important anti-aging hormones such as melatonin and growth hormone (somatotropin) are regulated while we sleep. Being too warm at night, or not sleep sleeping well enough can disrupt the release of these hormornes.

Somatotropin is responsible for reproduction and regeneration of cells, which results to fresher skin and better hair. It also strengthens the bones whilst also improving regulating muscle mass and improving body immune system.

Melatonin on the other hand helps by regulating other hormones. It also regulates our body’s natural circadian rhythm (or internal 24-hour clock) thereby controlling when we fall asleep and when we wake up.

3. Less Stress

Too much or prolonged stress has a lot of negative effects on the body. Lesser immunity, disrupted blood sugar levels, lower cognitive function and higher chances of depression, diabetes, obesity, and heart diseases.

The stress hormone cortisol, just like other hormones is regulated while we sleep. Getting enough quality sleep affords the body the opportunity to reset cortisol to optimal levels and thus reducing unwanted stress.

Sleeping nude which affords you better sleep is a good way of reducing stress.

4. Healthy Body Weight

Cooling down your body at night by ditching the pajamas can help you ditch some extra weight too!

Our body contains two types of fat – brown fat which generates heat to keep you warm; and white fat, the kind you have to work so hard to lose. The brown fat is activated when the body exposed to cold temperatures as it burns to keep the body warm.

Although this burning of the brown fat may not lead to much weight loss, lack of quality sleep leads to weight gain, thanks to an increase in hunger hormones and cravings for sweet, salty and fatty foods. Cortisol accumulated due to lack of quality sleep can also increase stomach fat.

5. Improvement In Relationships

Regularly snuggling up with your spouse is not just for building security and connection between you two, it also aids to release the ‘cuddle hormone’ oxytocin.

Oxytocin is believed by German researchers to play a key role in attraction as well as monogamy, while it also helps to diffuse such tensions in relationships that could lead to arguments.

The increased intimacy and emotional and physical availability of skin-to-skin contact helps a relationship to thrive in today’s stressful world. Enhanced sense of optimism, improved trust and self esteem which further strengthens the bond with your significant other.

6. Higher Sperm Quality

Sleeping natural can also have a positive effect on the fertility of men.

Getting too hot at night is also thought to damage testosterone production in men – a hormone that is important for building muscle, increasing muscle mass, and boosting libido and energy.

7. No More Yeast Infections

Sleeping with your clothes on creates an environment (warm and moist) for yeast and bacteria to thrive on. This could lead to several infections.

For the ladies, the v*gina won’t get adequate ventilation to stave off yeast infections, particularly in those who are prone to them. For men, it can itching in the pubic area.

These unpleasant conditions can be avoided by saying goodbye to tight-fitting night attire…or any night attire at all!

Give it a Try!