Top 5 Reasons Why your Outlook Keeps on Crashing

It’s more common than you think that your Outlook mail performance stops being it’s best. Many users often report that Outlooks is very slow, that emails stop downloading and that they can’t even be opened. And the truth is that it can be due to many reasons, it doesn’t always mean that we’re in the presence of a virus.

That is why below we show you the top 5 reasons why your Outlook keeps crashing. In addition to some alternatives to Outlook fix that even a child could do without any problem.

5. Windows system infected with a virus

We mention that the fact that your Outlook fails doesn’t always mean that you have a virus on your computer. However, there’s always a small possibility that we can’t get rid of. That is why we always have to consider this motive as the first. Because malware that messes with your emails is always dangerous.

Maybe it’s malware that just wants to mess you up a bit, but never trust it. Viruses of this type always have a purpose, and that is to obtain the important data you have in your email. As bank keys, electronic wallets, social networks, among other important things. Therefore, what you’ve to do to repair Outlook is to do a scan of your computer and your browser.

Sure, you can count on an expert to help you do a deeper cleaning. Because in the worst case, the malware will not only be messing with your emails but with your other documents and programs.

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4. Failed installation of Outlook

Don’t rule out this option either. Sometimes we do a program update (In case you have the desktop app) and a problem happened that messed everything up. But in this case, this error isn’t deadly or worrisome, your email is fine. You just have to uninstall the application and reinstall it correctly.

But take into consideration not turning off your computer or disconnecting the internet without properly completing the installation. It can also be a matter of corrupted installation files or damaged files, but nothing that a reinstallation can’t fix.

3. Over-storage of files

This is one of the most common problems among Outlook users. And it’s that after much use has been made of this mail server, the information tends to accumulate. Above all, heavy files will cause many problems in the long run and will slow down Outlook performance. So the solution here is pretty obvious to Outlook fix.

You simply have to go to your trays and delete the emails that aren’t necessary. You can clearly mark those that still have useful information. But the more you eliminate, the better. Because this way your Outlook will return to normal and stop crashing all the time.

2. Cookies and cache

A problem similar to the previous one and even much more common. Because most of us don’t usually realize how much data we download from the Internet. Many of these because they aren’t noticeable until it’s difficult for us to open a web page as basic as Outlook. In this case the data storage overhead happens in the browser in the form of cookies and cache.

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Don’t get us wrong, both are useful for your browser to remember certain information from the websites you visit most frequently. But sometimes they aren’t essential for many web pages. And they may be slowing down others that, if they’re important, like your email. So if you notice that not only is your Outlook crashing, but your browsing has slowed down, then you might have a cookie and cache oversaturation problem.

The solution to fix Outlook and your browser isn’t dramatic. You simply have to go to the tools and settings of your default browser to select an option that allows you to clear the cache and cookies. You can also delete your history to ensure much more storage space.

Maybe after this you’ll have to enter your passwords again, but you’ll see the difference in the navigation and speed of your mail.

1. Host problems or with the internet connection

Another good reason why your Outlook crashes is because the servers are having difficulty connecting. Maybe that’s why you’re having trouble connecting to your inbox or any other folder. It’s not such a common problem, but not impossible. And in this case you can’t do more than wait for the servers to stabilize.

On the other hand, you could also have problems with your internet connection. There may be a slow connection, signal problems, or inconvenience for the device to connect to a network. It sounds pretty silly, but it tends to happen more than you expect. So before doing any procedure, make sure you are connected to the internet. And as a bonus, check your browsing speed.

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What you must do to have your Outlook fix?

We already mentioned some good solutions for each of the errors that you may be witnessing. It all comes down to the fact that the first thing you have to do is check your internet connection. If this is as usual, the next step is to clear your browser’s cookies and cache. But if this doesn’t solve anything, the next thing is to delete the internal storage of your mail.

And if you’re sure that this isn’t the error, you should proceed to scan your device to rule out any type of malware. If you detect one, don’t forget to use a good antivirus to be able to get rid of this problem. You can also ask for the support of an expert in these things, or see a good tutorial to eliminate errors in Outlook.So don’t worry too much, these mistakes are usually more common than you think. Just try to give them a quick Outlook fixsolution as soon as you know what the problem is. With all these tips you will be able to realize the problem you have