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Togbe Afede Floored Today, Ogyeahoho Yaw Gyebi Is New National House Of Chiefs President

The Paramount Chief of Sefwi Anhwiaso Traditional Area, Ogyeahoho Yaw Gyebi II wins the National House of Chiefs elections held on Thursday, November 12.

He beat the incumbent President, Togbe Afede XIV who was seeking re-election.

Togbe Afede polled 25 votes as against Yaw Gyebi II’s 47.

The Paramount Chief for the Lawra Traditional Area, Naa Puowele Karbo III has also been elected as the Vice President after beating Daasebre Kwebu Ewusi VII of the Abeadze Traditional Area.


Naa Puowele Karbo III.

Ahead of the polls, the Chieftaincy Forum, Africa, expressed concerns about bribery allegations against some chiefs contesting the various positions.

“We, are, however, worried that our chiefs who constitute the main moral paragons and critical voices in the fight against this monster of corruption are themselves being caught in the web of it by accepting bribes from all kinds of sources. Our worry is borne out of the genuine concern that the chieftaincy institution which is culturally and constitutionally insulated from political control and manipulation appears to be losing its time tested value of independence and a sense of autonomy which used to be its critical hallmarks,” the forum noted in a press statement.

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Check the full results below: Presidency

Togbe Afede XIV – 25 votes

Ogyeahohoo Yaw Gyebi II – 47 votes

Total votes cast: 72

Absent – 1

Spoilt ballots – 0

Vice Presidential elections

Daasebre Kwebu Ewusi VII – 28 votes

Naa Puowele Karbo III – 44 votes

Total valid vote cast – 72

Absent – 1

Spoilt ballots – 0