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Dozens of fishermen in Cape Coast battling for their lives as premix fuel outlet catches fire

Dozens of fishermen are battling for their lives after a premix fuel outlet near the Cape Coast Castle was consumed by fire.

According to the Joy News correspondent, officers of the Ghana National Fire Service have been fighting to bring the fire under control.

Eyewitnesses say they suspect, the fire might have been caused by phones calls during the discharge of the premix fuel.

“I suspect the fire was caused by the active usage of a phone at the scene because we saw a guy making a call and even when we asked him to move away, he resisted, I am very sure that was the cause,” an eyewitness told Joy News.

“I was at the hospital when my brother called me that the suppliers of the fuel say they are not going to supply me with the fuel because I was absent so I rushed to this place and just when we were discussing that, we heard a loud sound,” another witness said.

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I believe it’s as a result of the number of people using mobile phones at that moment because I saw at least 10 people on the phone when I arrived,” he added.

About 15 people were reported to be close to the vehicle containing the fuel as the buyers were waiting to secure theirs for business.

It is uncertain the number of people injured as they have been rushed to the hospital.

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