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Wicked Nigerian Man Forces Step Daughter to Suck His D!ck While He Videos The Act

Nigerian Man

Kenyan police have arrested a Nigerian man (Ogbonaya Sunday) residing in Kenya after photos and video of the man forcing his step-daughter sucks his dick went viral online.

The man allegedly forces this innocent baby to commit this act of savage while he records the video himself.

This man of age 35 years reportedly got marry early last year to a Kenyan lady who already had a female child for her dead husband, the man accepted to take care of mother and child, little did they know it will come to this.

What a wicked world, the images are so disturbing for me to even display here. And the fun about it is that the man was seen enjoying every moment of it on the video.

The man is currently under custody at the Nairobi central police station while investigations are still ongoing to uncover every single evident about the situation.

Please always pray for yourself, family and friends, especially your children. This world is a wicked place.