Trends in Marketing 2020 – Pinterest and Twitch

The year 2020 was brimming with trending topics related to marketing. We picked out twelve much-cited catchphrases and checked whether they were hype, hubris or durable. The big question is: what will we keep in 2021 and beyond?


Social media platforms are increasingly positioning themselves as shopping platforms. Pinterest is on the rise in Europe and the US. Since September 2019, companies have been able to upload their complete product catalog to the online photo pin board using the “catalog function” and automatically convert their goods into purchasable product pins. 

Pinterest offers advertisers a number of advantages over other social media platforms: above all, the ability to integrate shopping functions natively. Ultimately, users go to the platform voluntarily with the aim of (product) inspiration; they already have a purchase intention in the back of their minds, so to speak. Shopping via Pinterest is more than a short-term hype – the user example of the industry giant Otto is literally too big to fail. The platform thus has the potential to secure a permanent place in the digital strategies of retail.

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No question about it: Twitch has a perception problem in the US and EU. The medium is all too often (wrongly!) Dismissed by critics as a pure esports and gaming platform on which private individuals stream their video game activities. At the same time, Twitch has grown into a different platform – perfect system where you can build a personal and regular brand by getting more twitch followers. The platform that Amazon bought in 2014 for 970 million US dollars.

In addition to first attempts at live sports, Twitch is also home to streaming communities on topics such as food and drink. I beg your pardon? Filming yourself as a group while dining? “Social Eating” is the keyword that is common in South Korea, for example. And big brands also sporadically discovered the potential of Twitch in 2019: Porsche unveiled its new electric racing car, which is to appear in Formula E, in an interactive live stream. The Cologne fashion retailer Snipes used Twitch to present a new collection. Beware, spoiler alert for 2021: many more brands will follow.

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