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Kobby Prairie advocates for peace in December polls with new single

Fast rising singer-songwriter and public speaker, Kobby Prairie has released a peace song to call for unity among Ghanaians ahead of the general polls in December.

Compounding a blend of country and soul music, the song, titled, ‘Love Like Fire’, throws a light on the need for oneness and cooperation amongst all men.

With the current heightened state of uncertainty and grief caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the wreck of people’s already strife-filled world has worsened.

According to Kobby Prairie, “As Ghanaian, our motherland is the only land we truly have and the peace of Ghana is something we must all work and seek to maintain. The peace of Ghana is a necessity forever well-meaning Ghanaian, and as the first line of The Peace song says ‘it is plain to see that there is something wrong with our land… but hatred and strife won’t make it right’”.

It is for this reason that the Ghanaian musician and his team are also embarking on an initiative to help promote peace before, during and after the elections.

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As a public speaker, Prairie is using the thought-provoking lyrics of his peace song call to preach a peace message; a number of live performances on a TV and radio tours in selected regions in Ghana is intended to push the ‘Let Peace Reign in Ghana’ initiative.

He is further urging all Ghanaians to play their part in ensuring a smooth electoral process, without violence.

“There is really only one human race; the boundaries we know are man-made hindrances. We are all wonderful beings with desires, hopes and a crave for love. Some have come and gone and now we are here to play our unique parts. It is necessary that we complement each other and strive to live in peace with all men because life on earth is very short.”

Commonly known by his fans as The Soul Therapist, Kobby Prairie is a fast-rising singer-songwriter and public speaker from the evergreen Akuapem Mountains, in Ghana. As a communicator, he serves as a brand consultant for corporate organizations and individual brands.

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Kobby Prairie is the founder of The Prairie Concept; a media production and brand consultancy company located in Accra, Ghana.