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Men, women of God were not called by God to predict election results — Rev. Dunya

Rev. Samuel A. K Dunya, Founder and General Overseer of GlobeServe Missionary Church Ghana, West Africa, and, the Chief Executive Officer of GlobeServe Communication Arts Ministry (GCAM) has advised his colleague Men and Women of God and all Church leaders that, they were not called by God to dabble into politics to be predicting election results.

According to him, many are dying and perishing without knowing God, and it is their duty to win more souls for the Lord Jesus Christ, and not to engage in predicting election results in the name of Christ Jesus, the Prince of Peace.

“Presidents would come and presidents would go, political parties would come and would go, but the God is the same yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever,” he stated.

He noted that it is their duty as men and women of God to preach peace before, during and after the election.

According to Rev. Samuel Dunya, the winner of the forthcoming election is known by God and is his prayer that anyone who would win this election should be God-fearing person. Rev Dunya added that peace is nothing but us.

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He encouraged GlobeServe members and Ghanaians to be peacemakers and peace-loving wherever they find themselves. “because the man we are following is the Prince of Peace.”

He spoke to Ernest Gakpey at a-two-day planning meeting he had with Pastors, Overseers, and Administrators of GlobeServe Missionary Church at Mafi Adidome in the Volta Region.