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Doting spouse shares a motivating story about her.

“Love conquers all” by Doting’s husband to her.

The actress husband shared a love story about their marriage life and titled it “Love conquers all”.

Love conquers all by Michael full post goes like this on #ImStaying group

“Started dating my wife back in 2010 while I was doing matric. She is from a normal family where she was raised by both her parents with siblings.

Normal family set-up. On the other hand, I was raised in an orphanage, both my parents are late with no solid family support.

“This woman loved and supported me regardless of where I come from or what my financial status was.

I remember when I started working I did not have a bed used to sleep on the floor but guess what she would visit me and sleep on the floor with me. she simply loves me for the person I am.


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