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Election 2020: 86-year-old wheelchair-bound ex-VC of UG votes despite poor health

A former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ghana, Professor George Benneh, who is 86 years old, frail, wheelchair-bound and can hardly talk, insisted on casting his ballot today, Monday, 7 December 2020, in the ongoing general elections.

His wife, Mrs Adelaide Benneh, told the media that Prof Benneh, despite his ill health, is very aware of happenings around him and expressed interest in exercising his franchise.

Mrs Benneh, who assisted her husband to the polling station, said: “He knows what is going on. He is very clear. He knows everything. He can decide on what to do, so, when he expressed the idea that he wanted to come, I helped him to come”.

“We all love Ghana, so, we try to ensure that the people we want, rule this country; so that we will all have peace. You know, peace is very important to us.

“We want peace and we want development. We want a country free of corruption,” she noted.

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