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See Lydia Forson’s Epic Reaction To ‘Skirt And Blouse’ Pattern In Election 2020 » ™

Actress and filmmaker, Lydia Forson has reacted to the new ‘Skirt and Blouse’ pattern that has characterized this year’s presidential and parliamentary elections in a new post www.Ghbase.com sighted on her Facebook wall. 

The actress is particularly impressed that Ghanaians decided to vote based on issues and not on partisan politics as the results collated so far demonstrate. Skirt and Blouse is a political slang in Ghana which means the electorates vote differently for a parliamentarian of a political party and vote for the presidential candidate of a different party during elections.

Lydia wrote;

The way I’m happy this morning eh!!

The ELECTORATE is gradually growing politically conscious and I love it!!

They’re seeing the power in their vote and even no vote.

It will take time but someday, politicians will have to work twice as hard and actually prove beyond lip service that they deserve our vote.

I’m especially proud of people who were able to put sentiments and party affiliations aside and vote for what they believed to be right ; those votes are the most painful to make and take a lot of integrity.

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