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“I Did One Movie In America And It Paid Me More Than Doing 10000 In Ghana”- Efia Odo » ™

Ghanaian celebrity Andrea Owusu, popularly known as Efia Odo has made some wild claims that she featured in just a single movie in the United States that paid her more money than she got paid for featuring in 10000 movie in Ghana.

Actress Efia Odo

This could be quite a typical case of exaggeration as one would struggle to put together this huge number of movies Efia Odo has claimed to have featured in that paid her less that she got in a single one in America.

She revealed this piece of information when a fan jabbed her for constantly boasting about America that much when indeed she makes her money here in Ghana. It must be added that Efia Odo trained as an Assistant Nurse in the US before  relocating to Ghana.

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She told the fan she makes her money in America but chooses to spend it here.

She asked to be left alone as she doesn’t want to talk, adding that she talks a lot because she is often been provoked to do so.

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In reply to the fan who said,“Always boasting about America but ebi Gh here u dey make ur coins lol” , Efia Odo said; “Ghana is where I spend my coins back to the community I make my money in America! I did one movie in America and it paid me more than doing 10000 movies in Ghana. Please I don’t like talking too much but y’all provoke me to do so”. 

Many would struggle to point out how many movies she has featured in if this is not pure exaggeration. Indeed, it’s no secret the Hollywood is much more valuable than what we’d want people to call our movie industry: Ghallywood.

Efia Odo, not long ago, had quite a scuffle with comedian DKD and he came out to say that the trained Assistant Nurse should not be referred to as an actress because she can’t boast of featuring in even five movies.

Below is the said tweet by Efia Odo;

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