Behind the lyrics: Breaking down ‘Better Life’ by Kwamz and superstar ensemble

There is no limit to the power of art in telling and documenting the story of the world. Throughout history renaissance artists painted and sculpted important moments in time through their works so posterity remembers. In the music sphere, bards sung the tales of war heroes and great legends; songs that became canons documenting specific events of the past.

Thousands of years down the line and art continues to make the impact. We still have powerful music doubling as a beacon of hope, entertainment and more for people whilst concurrently eulogizing the times for generations to come. In Kwamz’s new song ‘Better Life’ the ace artist and his ensemble of superstars held nothing back as they shared their ‘conscious’ record that highlights some social injustices facing young people in the modern day – whether it is the fight against police brutality in Nigeria dubbed ‘’End SARS’’ or supporting the worldwide struggle for Black Lives Matter.

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The Afrobeat masterpiece ‘Better Life’ starts off with real soundbites from the ‘’End SARS’’ protest – nostalgically re-evoking the provocation most of us felt amid the tragic sequence of events escalating from what was a very peaceful protest by Nigerian youth rightfully demanding for better security from their government but instead were met with anarchy and brutality.

The artists wasted no time in lunging in straight away to the theme of the song. Kwamz starts off by singing out a prayer ‘’I’m on my knees cause all I want/All we want is a better life/Better better better ayyyyy/All we want is a better life’’.

Throughout the melodic sing along the talented superstars re-echo Kwamz’s prayer for a better life in their verses. They tell the story through the lenses of their own lives, their struggles, their triumphs living in a world riddled with injustice and their hopes for a better life. There are so many powerful quotes that could be sourced from the lyrics of the song as the artistes laid their emotions bare on the beat ‘’We don’t care about the money, we wanna be free’’, Moelogo chanted in his verse highlighting the importance of freedom to young people in the modern day even over money. In a perfect world, we should not be begging for freedom but here we are having to plead for a basic human right due to all the happenings around us.

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Moelogo, SK and Sona take turns singing out the prayer for a ‘Better Life’ – their delivery is perfection as they deftly craft a sing along that gets listeners bumping heads while simultaneously leaving the powerful message in their minds.

‘Better Life’ is a sculpted work of art. One that will be etched in the minds of listeners for a while. One that will serve as a bold reminder of the times young people in these times have had to endure. Check out the song ‘Better Life’ here:

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