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We voted ‘skirt and blouse’ – Akwatia NPP supporters

Supporters of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Akwatia in the Eastern Region have admitted voting ‘skirt and blouse’ in the just-ended 2020 Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

According to the NPP supporters, the unfair treatment meted out to former MP for Akwatia Constituency, Mercy Adu Gymafi also known as Ama Sey in the party’s Parliamentary primaries was the reason they voted NPP in the Presidential election and NDC in the Parliamentary election.

They disclosed that all attempts to make Mercy Adu-Gyamfi represent the NPP for the elections proved futile.

“The manner in which they treated Ama Sey was just not right. Even though she helped us by fixing our roads, the party executives asked her to step down. Since that was the case, we also decided to vote the NDC in the Parliamentary election.

“We in Akwatia want someone who will bring to us development and growth,” they stated.

Meanwhile, NPP Chairman for Akwatia Constituency, Baba Yakubu has announced the suspension of Mercy Adu-Gyamfi from the party.

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She has been accused of orchestrating the defeat of the party in the Parliamentary election.

Speaking at a press conference held at the party’s office, Baba Yakubu alleged that Mercy Adu-Gyamfi gave money to some party supporters to vote for the NDC Parliamentary Candidate, Henry Boakye Yiadom in the election.

“They dedicated their time to campaign against the NPP. The rules and regulations of the party will deal with all members who helped in the defeat of the NPP in the Parliamentary election,” he added.

On the other hand, MP-elect for Akwatia Constituency, Henry Boakye Yiadom thanked all persons for their confidence in him to represent Akwatia in Parliament.

He also urged all persons to put behind party affiliations and work together to ensure the development of the constituency.