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“Sometimes We Fail To Look At The Brighter Side Of Things”- Enisa Nikanj » ™

The American pop singer of Montenegrin origin, Enisa Nikaj is of the opinion that sometimes, we fail to see the brighter side of things.

American singer Enisa Nikaj

Enisa Nikaj’s comments come on the backdrop of what has been a problem-laden 2020 where the world was plaqued with a coronavirus pandemic that originated from China and has since taken thousands of lives away.

Despite the plaque, there are quite a few bright spots, and to Enisa, it is these bright spots that we should be focusing on, but quite unfortunately, we have been overwhelmed with the pandemic so much that we are blinded by it.

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Enisa Nikaj

Enisa Nikaj believes she is so lucky as she recounts what has happened in her young music career. Her ability to release her music and have many people discover her and follow her, coupled with the healthy status of her family and friends throughout the year, is one that intrigues her, hence her assertion that she’s been so lucky.

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Given that a lot of people have lost family members with some also struggling in their careers, Nikaj certainly is lucky to have been this relevant throughout.

“Looking back on this year I’ve been blessed so much! Being able to release music, having a lot of you guys discover me, having me, my family & friends be healthy throughout the year. Sometimes we forget to look at the bright side of things. I’m so lucky”, she wrote on Facebook.

There will certainly be problems and distructions in life but what’s important is to maintain a possitive outlook and not get overwhelmed by the numerous problems that come our way. Getting overwhelmed by the problems would mean that we will coil into our shells and thereby fail to see the opportunities every problem may have brought.

For Enisa Nikaj, if she hadn’t maintained her focus and and allowed herself to be overwhelmed by the virus, she probably wouldn’t have been this breakout star that she is today.

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She recently celebrated Nigerians for following her music and bringing her to the top because she had added her voice to the ENDSARS protests that broke out in the West African Country.