Over US$890 million COVID-19 grant paid to South Africans

South African rand
South African rand

A total of 13.5 billion rand (about 891 million U.S. dollars) COVID-19 distress grant has been paid to 6 million eligible South Africans since May, South African Social Development Minister Lindiwe Zulu said on Friday.

Zulu made that remark when giving an update on the implementation of the special COVID-19 social relief of distress grant which amount is 350 rand per month.

The grant is targeted at citizens with no source of income. They would be paid until January next year.

However, Zulu expressed concern about three million people who applied for the special social relief even though they they did not qualify.

“We remain concerned by the large number of applicants who despite their ineligibility, knowingly apply for the Special COVID-19 grant to defraud the system,” she said.

She said over 700,000 people who applied were detected to have other sources of income including social grants beneficiaries.

“Of major concern is that over eight thousand applicants were found to be using the personal particulars of deceased persons. This is not only illegal, but criminal,” she said. Enditem