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Afia Schwarzenegger and Mona Gucci clash on social media reveals dirty secrets

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One person in this industry that people wouldn’t dare to fight with is no other than loudmouth and controversial Afia Schwarzenegger since she can go all out and drop secrets you shared with thinking twice about it.

Kantanka TV presenter Mona Gucci happens to be the latest person to have gotten into the fight with Afia Schwarzenegger after she described Afia as a poor person but trying to look rich on social media.

One of Mona’s post on social media read: “in June 2019 I gave u ur daily bread by paying u 1500ghs to MC my awards show for me…I am boss n CEO…MARWUS ENTERTAINMENT USA…VALENTINA AFIA AGYEIWAA MY NAME IS MONAGUCCI READ MY LIPS I HAVE FED U BEFORE ???UPON UR 4 AUDIO HOUSES AND CARS…If u were as rich as u claim like u won’t work for me…sister…just wait for me I will give uall the attention u need… wati… @me_wo_nkwasiafuor_ho_time_paa pls remind her for me….AM TOO BITTER TO CHEW OOOOO @queenafiaschwarzenegger FOR INSULTING MY BOSSES NAME… u used ur pig ? ugly drooling mouth to mention my fine boss name? Am coming for u wait for me…..kakraaaa let me urinate n come (In Akua Donkors voice)”.

Afia after hearing all that Mona had to say about her clapped back at her accusing her of being a fraud and as well pretending to be a lawyer.

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Afia Schwar didn’t end there as she opened keys on Mona where she alleged that Mona duped people of huge sums of money under the guise of helping them travel abroad.

Afia also taking to her Instagram page also posted: “Abigail Mona Se_whatever…go and settle your fraud case at Tesano Police Station.
What happened to the money you took for miss USA ..fraudster kwasia biaaa na wo te tv so gyimii..
Aboa homeless American citizen..be4 you talk about my marriage kindly tell us what happened to yours..aboa gala for &40 each..junky
Apart from Kantanka,which serious Tv station will employ a self acclaimed international prostitue??we still have your interview with Neat Fm kwasiaba
Once in a while get up so they will see your Johnny Bravo shape..ofui”

See screenshot of her post below:

Afia Schwar post