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Ghanaian peacekeepers provide free medical services to soldiers and civilians in South Sudan

Ghanaian peacekeepers serving with the United Nations Mission in South Sudan have provided free medical services to both military personnel and civilians in Moum in Unity State. Medications and mosquito nets were handed out, and some 300 patients were treated for various ailments.

“This medical assistance is very important for our almost 3,000 soldiers. They have been here since February, and many of them have suffered from diseases like malaria and diarrhea,” said Brigadier General Peter Phar, Commander of the Moum Training Centre, where joint forces from previously opposing armed groups have been training to become part of a unified national army.

Lieutenant Colonel Robert Kwegyir Sagoe, Commanding officer of the Ghanaian battalion in Bentiu, explained the reasons behind the medical outreach.

“As the peacekeeping battalion with operation responsibility here, we decided to provide medical treatment to the trainees and the host community in the area. We will continue working with the local communities to implement our mandate to support peace and the people of South Sudan,” he said.

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Civilians living in and near Moum also enjoyed this rare opportunity to receive medical attention.

“Those who are bringing these medications to our community are our best friends, because we don’t have a health facility here. This is the first time we are getting medical service in our area,” said James Catmai Gok, chief of Rubinchar Payam (district) in Leer County.

The Ghanaian battalion in Unity State has previously carried out medical outreach campaigns at the Bentiu State Hospital, in Leer township, and at the protection of civilians site in Leer County.