2020 for me has been phenomenal, amazing- KiDi

Lynx Entertainment signee, KiDi has stated that despite the many challenges people all over the world have faced due to the coronavirus pandemic, he has had an amazing year.

According to the “Say Cheese” hitmaker in an interview with the BBC, his two songs “Enjoyment” and “Say Cheese” were so huge and broke so many boundaries.

“2020 for me has been phenomenal, amazing. I know it’s hard to say with everything going on around the world, but I keep saying that with every dark cloud there’s always silver linings,” he said in the interview.

“Enjoyment’ is so huge, ‘Say Cheese’ is so huge. I’m just happy to have a lot of hit songs because it means I’m doing something right, people are listening, people appreciate, when I step on stage they’re vibing with me, so it’s a blessing for me,” he added.

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