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NPP has majority in Parliament regardless of outcome of Sene West seat dispute as Fomena MP rejoins party

The Member of Parliament-elect for the Fomena constituency has given an indication that the governing New Patriotic Party(NPP) will officially constitute the majority in the 8th parliament.

This comes in the wake of the NPP’s petition over the Sene West parliamentary election which was thrown out by the Wenci District court Thursday.

Andrews Amoako Asiamah has already declared his intention to join the NPP side in the next parliament.

“The issue regarding what side I join has been discussed already, I have said it time without number that I am a member of the NPP by blood. There is nothing that can change that” he emphasised.

Mr Asiamah further indicated that he had some deliberations with officialdom, traditional rulers, pastors, colleagues, party gurus and his family to let bygones be bygones of which he agreed to.

With 274 seats declared formally, the NPP will form a majority with 138 members and the opposition National Democratic Congress(NDC) having 136 members which implies that the outcome of the Sene West seat disputation may have no influence in determining which party forms the majority in Parliament.

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