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C/R: 10 suspected land guards attack construction workers at Kwao Bondzie, chief fingered

Residents of Awutu Kwao Bondzie are living in fear after some individuals suspected to be land guards attacked some construction workers at work in the community.

About 10 land guards attacked the construction workers at Awutu Kwao Bondzie while they were working on a parcel of land in the community.

One construction worker, who was part of those working on the parcel of land, was beaten to a pulp by the land guards and was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Citi News gathered that there have been several incidences of land guard attacks on the residents of the area with the latest one being the killing of an okada rider by the land guards.

Another individual in the community was allegedly beheaded by these land guards.

Speaking to Citi News, Nana Afful a resident stated that: “there have been a lot of killings. The offenders are released after being arrested. We are all afraid and we need the government to intervene because they are the only ones who can help us.”

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“I am the Asafohene of Kwao Bondzie these people are land guards who have come here and keep attacking and killing people. There were no such things in this community until the Nai Atwere brought the land guards here so we need government intervention or else we will fight for our land,” another resident stated.

There were allegations that the chief of the community Nai Atwere is behind the land guard activities in the area but the chief has denied the allegations and rather called cool heads.

“I don’t know what they are talking about, I never sent anyone to them, they have rather been harassing me and saying that the land belongs to the Fete people but when we went to court they were guilty.”

“Whoever said I was the one who sent them should reveal themselves because I don’t know anything about the attacks. I am the chief I can’t do that, all these allegations are false,” he added.

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