INTERVIEW: Valee Music talks biggest influences, new single ‘Sondela’, inspirations and more

On Ameyaw meets today, we have the ever beautiful and multi-talented, Valee Music. Valee Music is a UK-based Afro-Pop, Soul and House artist of Zimbabwean descent who prides herself on her Southern African heritage. In an exclusive interview, she discusses quite a few things – from her biggest influences, new single ‘Sondela’, what makes her a versatile artist amid some other interesting things.

Valee Music likes to describe herself as a versatile artist and likes to create music that one can feel. ‘’Music is to be felt and I want you all to feel it with me’’, expresses Valee.

Dive in deep into the interview with this superstar.

  1. Introduce yourself, tell us about your new single ‘Sondela’ and the inspiration behind it?

I’m Valee Music, in a nutshell I’m a London Afro-Pop artist originally from Zimbabwe!

I love ‘Sondela’, it’s song about passion and giving love a second chance. My music is drawn from my experience most of us are reluctant to love again after heartbreak. But this song says ‘Sondela’ which simply means ‘’Come closer!’’.

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  1. How would you say you’ve evolved over the years? Has your music grown?

I’ve definitely grown a lot! I find that I now allow myself to be the sexy confident woman that I am. And you can hear that in my music and lyrics used in my stories. My music is for powerful ladies. I run my brand and am supported by an amazing team but I want that message to translate in my songs.


  1. What are your biggest influences?

My influences are so many! From the likes of Busi Mhlongo to Lebo Mathosa, Ringo Madlingozi & Oliver Mtukudzi. I love these guys because they told a message through their music!


  1. What makes you a versatile artist?

I think it’s my ability to blend my cultures that makes me versatile. Born in Zimbabwe with a South African heritage & growing up in London. I like having the ability to go from one to the other. I don’t like to box myself from Amapiano, to Dancehall and Afrobeat. I think my new EP will show how very versatile I am!

  1. Are you looking forward to working with any artists in the coming year, 2021? If yes, who?
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Yes, I am. I’m already talking to a few people about collaborations! But I can’t give it all away lol. Follow me and see what 2021 has to offer!

Watch the music video for ‘Sondela’ here:

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